Tacoma Urgent Care Centers and the Importance of Workplace Safety

Providing a safe workplace for employees and knowing which Tacoma urgent care facility to go to in case of an emergency is important for any business. When measures have been taken to keep them out of harm’s way, your employees will be able to perform their jobs more efficiently. This, in turn, could spell better productivity for your company.

Workplace Safety

A recent survey commissioned by Employers Holdings Inc. reveals how much today’s small businesses value workplace safety:

In the survey of 502 small-business owners, 35 percent of the respondents indicated that they are more concerned about workplace safety than any other major business risk. Workplace safety was the No. 1 answer, followed by professional liability (26 percent) and cybersecurity (25 percent). 

When asked to identify the area in which they plan to dedicate most of their attention this year, 35 percent of the respondents pointed to workplace safety, making it the No. 1 answer for that question as well. 

“Small-business owners realize they have to protect their most valuable assets: their employees,” Employers COO Stephen Festa said. “Employee injuries can carry a significant cost, not only in terms of medical and workers’ compensation expenses, but also in terms of lost productivity and potentially lower workplace morale.”

Do you consider your workplace to be safe? If not, then you need to start implementing the appropriate safety measures today. By implementing safety standards, you lower the risk of your staff having accidents and injuries, which will benefit your business now and later.

In the event of an unavoidable workplace injury, know that trusted Tacoma urgent care facilities like the one operated by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group can help you attend to your employees as well as direct them toward a quick and complete recovery.

(Source: Survey: Workplace Safety Is Top of Mind for Many Small Businesses, EHS Today, February 12, 2014)


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