Tacoma Urgent Care Providers Share Tips on Preventing Winter Illnesses

Winter months are upon everyone once more, and, other than being the season for snow and colder temperatures, this is also the season for maladies and illnesses that can afflict both children and adults. It’s almost inevitable for at least one person in your family to call in sick because they have been stricken with a winter illness.

This time of the year is also the best time to ramp up your efforts in keeping your family healthy this winter and avoid frequent visits to Tacoma urgent care facilities. Of course, this starts with knowing more about the most common winter illnesses and the best ways to prevent them.

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Common Cold 

To say that the common cold is much too common is an understatement. In fact, children can get 10 or more colds a year, and are most frequently acquired during the winter. Other than nasal congestion and coughs, low-grade fevers and headaches are also symptoms of the common cold.


You might know this illness by its most common name: the Flu. High fever, coughs, headaches, and muscle pain is just among the few symptoms of the flu. Thankfully, you can protect your family by getting an annual flu vaccine from a Tacoma walk in clinic.

Stomach Flu 

According to medical experts, 90 percent of kids will get at least one episode of the stomach flu by the age of 4. Vomiting, diarrhea, and fever are among the most common symptoms for the stomach flu, but you can prevent your children from getting the stomach bug through a rotavirus oral vaccine. Otherwise, children afflicted with the stomach bug should drink plenty of fluids to combat dehydration.

Whooping Cough 

Common among adolescents and adults, whooping cough, or pertussis, is characterized by violent and uncontrollable coughing. Most of the time, adults can get over a whooping cough in a matter of days, but this condition can be fatal to people with weak immune systems.


Along with the flu, most people get pneumonia during the colder months. This happens when the lungs are inflamed, causing the small air sacs in your lungs to fill with fluid. Most people recover from pneumonia within one to three weeks, but this condition can be life-threatening to children and the elderly.

Most of these conditions are prevented through vaccines, while others can be treated at an urgent care clinic like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. As always, prevention is better than cure, so make sure that taking care of your family’s health is among your priorities.

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