Urgent Care Clinics: Preparing for the St. Paddy’s Half Day Marathon

Tacoma is a city that welcomes both professional and amateur athletes throughout the year to events like the St. Paddy’s Day Run Half Marathon, which takes place around mid-March each year. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a first-time marathon participant, there are some important tips to keep in mind when preparing for any of the marathons that take place throughout the year in Tacoma. Here are some of the most important according to urgent care clinics.

Don’t Over-Train

There’s no need to ramp up your efforts as the race date gets closer. Instead, pace yourself to avoid overusing the same muscles you’ll need when running the actual marathon. Over-training could result in any of the following injuries common to runners:

• Stress fractures
• Pulled muscles
• Shin splints
• Achilles tendinitis

Stay Hydrated While Running

Fluids help provide oxygen to muscles while you run, so it’s important to stay hydrated even while training or practicing. While water will do the trick, sports drinks provide a cocktail of essential carbohydrates, fluids, and electrolytes. If you don’t like carrying a bottle while running, place a few bottles along your practice route that you can easily grab for quick replenishment.

Keep Your Runs Easy

Stick to about 40 percent of your peak mileage in advance of a marathon, with the only exception being the full practice run. Otherwise, keep your runs easy to minimize stress and strain on muscles and tendons. If possible, do your practice runs on forgiving surfaces rather than hard pavement.

Mimic the Course for Trial Runs

While it makes sense to train on forgiving surfaces, your trail runs should mimic the actual course as much as possible to prevent injuries from suddenly placing added strain on muscles. Another way to mimic the course is to alter the incline on a treadmill to match what the terrain you’ll be running on during the day of the marathon.

Should you find yourself experiencing dehydration or sudden aches and pains while practicing for a marathon, feel free to stop by a Tacoma walk in clinic like those operated by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. An experienced staff can help alleviate your symptoms, and offer tips on how to avoid similar issues when preparing for other runs.


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