Urgent Care Tip: Get Healthy By Dancing at the Singles Resource Club

Health researchers recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week in order to stay healthy and fit. One way that you can get in some vigorous activity into your schedule is by visiting the Singles Resource Club of Tacoma on their dance nights.

These events bring in singles who are looking to enjoy a night of great music and fun dancing. Tacoma urgent care providers offer these three reasons to attend the dance night and try out some new moves.

Improves Flexibility

Many dance moves help to improve your flexibility. If you spend your workdays sitting in a cubicle or standing up, you may not get to stretch all of your body’s ligaments, tendons and muscles. Getting out there on the dance floor allows you the freedom to stretch and loosen the tension that has built up in your muscles throughout the day. If you feel any pain while you are dancing, an urgent care in Tacoma such as U.S. HealthWorks can evaluate you to see if you pulled a muscle.

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Works All of Your Muscles

While walking works your hamstrings and legs and lifting weights works your arms and back, dancing works all of your body’s muscles. An hour of dancing is a great way to strengthen your core abdominal muscles, potentially helping you to gain that “six-pack.”

Dancing also works the muscles in your arms, shoulders, hips and legs. Because the music and people make dancing a fun experience, you might not even realize that you are also getting in a great workout that rivals a gym visit.

Reduces Stress

Dancing is an excellent way to relieve stress. As your body moves on the dance floor, your brain releases endorphins. These so-called “happy” chemicals give you a natural high that lifts your mood. Your brain may be able to forget about the small annoyances and problems that frustrated you earlier in the day. You can focus on the music, lights and people around you and simply enjoy the movement of your body as you dance.

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