Tacoma Urgent Care: Some Tips for Dealing with Injuries During a Walk

The 2016 Walk Tacoma series will roll out with the Downtown on the Go where you can join other participants in taking a 1.5- to 2-mile themed walks headed by local experts. During the walk, you can explore and learn more about Tacoma and its history. It’s going to be a fun, educational experience that can help you better appreciate and understand your community.

To successfully participate in long walks like this, you should be prepared. Properly preparing for the activity physically will help you avoid injuries, and in case you hurt yourself, you also know what to do. Here are some steps to follow to be prepared for the walk.

Proper Posture

Walking for miles can be tiring and painful, especially if it’s your first time. However, walking properly can help prevent injuries and body pain that may drive you to seek medical attention at a Tacoma urgent care clinic. When walking, you need to have a proper posture. For instance, relax your arms and let them act like a pendulum, swinging forward alternately. Your elbows should be bent to an 85- or 90-degree angle. Remember to point your knees and toes forward when walking to keep your feet parallel, as well as push off with your back foot. Keeping these movements and postures in mind will help you walk easier and and avoid injury during the event. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with lots of water or sports drink.

First-Aid Treatments

Joining long walks exposes you to risks of injury. To be prepared, bring a first-aid kit and learn some basic treatments you can apply in case you or someone you know got hurt. To attend to a sprain, the RICE treatment can be done. The first step is to “Rest” the sprained or strained part of the body. If possible, use a sling or crutches to avoid moving the injured area. Next is to ice the area for 20 minutes. Use a thin towel to avoid placing the ice directly to the skin. After this, “compress the injured part by wrapping a bandage or sleeve around it. The last step is to elevate the injured limb above heart level. The RICE treatment will help ease the injury, but it still needs to be treated by a professional.

In case you tripped and cut yourself, apply direct pressure to the area with a clean cloth or gauze to halt the bleeding. If you sustained small cuts and scrapes, wash them with water and soap to avoid infection. All these are only first aid. You should still seek help from a provider of urgent care in Tacoma, especially if the pain is not going away or the wound is deep.

Following these steps gives you a better chance of finishing the walk without sustaining injuries. It would make the entire experience fun and worth the time and effort.



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