Urgent Care in Tacoma Gives Tips on Having a Successful Color Run

In the past couple of years, The Color Run event has been successful in enticing folks to take up running as a healthy habit. Not only did they make it appealing by highlighting the health benefits derived from this physical activity, but they also actually made it fun by incorporating colors.

This year, you can take part in The Color Run Tacoma event this summer. If this is going to be your first time to join, it’s advisable that you take it easy first with the 5K run. Short as the distance may be, however, it’s still important to heed these running safety tips from your local urgent care in Tacoma.

successful color run

Warm up and Stretch

You don’t have to pull sophisticated gymnastic moves in order to get yourself warmed up and stretched. A bit of jogging in place and just making sure that your muscles are warmed up and loosened can already go a long way in preventing cramps from occurring. Of course, there are proper ways to do your warm-up, so it’s best that you seek the advice of those who are in the know such as your running coach or buddies.

Keep Hydrated

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be running for a short 5K distance or a full-blown 42K marathon. You have to make sure to keep hydrated because running will most certainly exhaust your body. Especially because you’ll be running under the sun, you need to drink lots of fluids so that your body doesn’t overheat.

Wear Proper Clothing

Because you’ll be sweating a lot, it’s important that you wear clothing made of dri-fit materials. Most importantly, though, you have to make sure you’re wearing the right kind of shoes. Cool as some running shoes may look like, it’s crucial that you find and use the one that will give you the best support for your heels and your foot arch. Otherwise, it’s going to affect how your feet land on the ground, and thus, your overall running performance.

The other risk that you expose yourself to if you don’t wear the right shoes is tripping or falling. You can get anywhere from minor cuts and bruises to full-blown broken joints and bones, depending on how hard your tumble is.

Fortunately, the event will have medical services on standby. After getting on-site treatment, though, it’s still best if you drop by a Tacoma walk in clinic like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, if only to make sure that you’re really all patched up and ready to go.


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