When You Injure Your Back While Raking Leaves, Consider Urgent Care

Visits to a Tacoma walk-in clinic due to back strains and sprains are common during fall, mostly due to fallen leaves–specifically, raking them. Raking tires the body with excess stress and pressure. It can contort muscles, resulting in pain that lasts for days and even weeks.

There are ways to make raking easier and less of a hassle. You can warm up for it so that your body can adjust to raking’s rudiments. You can also choose the right tool for your weight and size, allowing you to wield the rake easier. Proper posture is necessary as well, and this includes standing straight, using your knees when bending, and using both your hands to rake the leaves.

Regardless, you may still sustain an injury if you’re not used to a high level of physical activity. Knowing how to deal with pain is important to prevent it from worsening.

Back Pain


Once you feel pain in your upper or lower back, stop raking and take a rest. Pain is the number one symptom of a back strain or sprain. Don’t force your way through raking because it may only result in more serious injuries that could rush you to a provider of urgent care in Tacoma.

Muscle spasm is another symptom. This makes your back muscles turn and twist into a hard knot, causing pain either in your sleep or when you move around. One more symptom is inability to bend your back and stand up straight without severe pain.

If you feel any of these symptoms, consider the pain a strain or a sprain and treat it properly.


Usually, injured ligaments and muscles in the back recover on their own after a couple of weeks. You can fast-track the healing period, however, by staying mildly active. Controlled movements can help loosen muscles. However, if it’s too painful to move and lying down feels better, you can stay in bed for a couple of days. Longer than that may weaken the muscles further and retard the recovery.

Cold therapy can help relieve the pain, too. Place an ice pack on the affected site for 10 minutes and then remove it. Reapply the pack when the skin temperature returns to normal, 10 minutes later. Repeat several times.

If none of these works and the pain hasn’t subsided for at least three days, it’s best to visit an urgent care clinic near you. Doctors can provide the right treatment to return you to full form.

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