Steps to Deal With Thanksgiving Injuries Before Seeking Urgent Care

Various accidents can happen on Thanksgiving. In fact, Tacoma urgent care clinics receive a higher number of patients during the holidays. This is because people are busy preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner and forget to take extra caution.

Dinner hosts spend hours in the kitchen, exposed to risks of cuts and burns. Others decorate the house, going as far as putting up Christmas lights and climbing onto the roof to place Santa’s sleigh. This makes them prone to muscle strains and fractures should they fall or slip. Food poisoning is common as well, with guests eating bad turkey or other contaminated food.


Given all the risks surrounding the Yuletide season, you should know how to handle such incidents to make sure that everyone at the party is going to be okay.


You’re going to be using a variety of knives to chop and slice ingredients, and this makes you vulnerable to cuts. When you get cut, wash the wound with soap and water to avoid infection. Next, you should control the bleeding by putting pressure on it using a clean cloth or a gauze pad.

Once the bleeding stops, rinse the cut under cool running water. You can also use a saline wound wash if you have one. If there’s debris stuck in the wound, gently take it out with a pair of tweezers bathed in alcohol.

Muscle Strain

The first thing you must do when you strain a muscle is to rest it. Avoid moving the affected area at least one day after you sustained the injury. You may also want to apply ice to it immediately to control the swelling. Place an ice pack on it for 10 to 15 minutes every hour for two to three days. Compressing it with an elastic bandage can also help, while elevating the injured muscle above your heart will limit swelling as well.

Food Poisoning

Eating contaminated food can cause nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. To ease these symptoms, avoid consuming solid foods until your stomach feels better and then stick only to light, bland foods like crackers, rice, and bread. Drink clear fluids to prevent dehydration. Start drinking in small sips before gradually increasing your intake so as to not further upset your stomach.

Knowing first-aid treatments for common Thanksgiving accidents and injuries can prevent the problem from getting worse. Just remember that if you think that the situation is beyond your control, rush to a provider of urgent care in Tacoma, such as U.S. HealthWorks, immediately.


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