Avoiding Injuries and Accidents Over the Holidays with Urgent Care

During the holiday season, a lot of potential accidents can happen. The mix of stress, excitement, tiredness, or even alcohol, can create unexpected injuries. In fact, there have been a great number of people each year who have had cuts, falls and burns during the holidays. Urgent care in Tacoma has put together some tips on how to stay safe during the holidays spent at home.

Watch the Christmas Tree

Each year, around 1,000 people get injured by their Christmas tree while they place the tree-topper, adjust the lights and add decorations. To avoid slips and falls, use step ladders and do not overreach. Purchase the appropriately-sized tree for your space and consider hiring professional decorators if you have the money to spend for it.


Be Careful with the Presents

Sometimes adults can accidentally stab themselves with their scissors when they open gifts or put toys together. People can also trip on cords and toys when rushing around the house. So, be careful around the presents and take time to enjoy everything. Once done, clean up the wrapping paper and packaging.

Eat Well

Indigestion and food poisoning can both be a problem at home. Try to manage the amount of food you eat, no matter how festive the atmosphere. Also, restrict the amount of nuts, chocolate and cakes eaten. Carefully read cooking instructions to know how to prepare the food correctly.

Drink Properly

Besides its effect on one’s health, alcohol usually poses a problem. Since alcohol decreases risk awareness it can make individuals relax to the point that they think they’re invincible. During the holiday season try to cut down on alcohol. Always remember: never drink and drive.

Be Mindful in the Kitchen

Keep unnecessary people out of the kitchen. Alcohol should be avoided until after the cooking has been finished. Any spills must be wiped up immediately as it occurs so people do not slip and hurt themselves.

Keep the Stairs Well Lit

A cluttered staircase, an inebriated guest or a tired homeowner could make the stairs a potential accident zone during the holidays. To avoid such occurrences, keep the stairs well-lit and without any obstacles.

Although the holiday season can have mishaps as described above, knowing how to avoid and counter them is important. In addition, in case a minor accident does occur, make sure to visit a Tacoma walk-in clinic such as U.S. HealthWorks.

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