Avoiding Injuries and Accidents Over the Holidays with Urgent Care

During the holiday season, a lot of potential accidents can happen. The mix of stress, excitement, tiredness, or even alcohol, can create unexpected injuries. In fact, there have been a great number of people each year who have had cuts, falls and burns during the holidays. Urgent care in Tacoma has put together some tips on how to stay safe during the holidays spent at home.

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Steps to Deal With Thanksgiving Injuries Before Seeking Urgent Care

Various accidents can happen on Thanksgiving. In fact, Tacoma urgent care clinics receive a higher number of patients during the holidays. This is because people are busy preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner and forget to take extra caution.

Dinner hosts spend hours in the kitchen, exposed to risks of cuts and burns. Others decorate the house, going as far as putting up Christmas lights and climbing onto the roof to place Santa’s sleigh. This makes them prone to muscle strains and fractures should they fall or slip. Food poisoning is common as well, with guests eating bad turkey or other contaminated food.

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Urgent Care Clinics: 3 Tips To Make Your Camping Trip Safe for the Family

With the lovely summer weather, many families will plan on spending their days outdoors and there is no better way than camping. It is, after all, one of America’s favorite pastimes. Currently, the campsites in the Tacoma Power Parks in Western Washington is open to the public. Campers can set up tents or RVs to enjoy boating, hiking, picnics, swimming, and general summertime fun.
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